Vistra Engineer Appointed to National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) Subgroup

Vistra is proud to recognize Mark Vogt as a new member of the Repairs and Alterations Subgroup. This committee is overseen by the 鈥 the industry leader in pressure equipment safety.听

NBBI has published the National Board Inspection Code since 1946. The publication is internationally recognized as the gold standard governing installation, inspection, repair, and alteration of pressurized equipment.听

As a user-member of the Repairs and Alterations Subgroup, Vogt and other members are tasked with providing information and guidance for acceptable repairs and alterations to pressurized equipment. This information is the basis for critical maintenance and repair work performed at more than 5,000 organizations across the globe.听

Vogt鈥檚 selection is a natural fit, as Vistra regularly follows NBIC guidelines for maintenance and repairs of our generation equipment.听

Vogt joined Vistra in 2008 and currently serves as a Principal Engineer for the company鈥檚 growing generation fleet. His knowledge and understanding of NBIC guidelines and real-world applications will create safer conditions for workers around the world.听

Vistra is proud to celebrate Vogt as an industry leader.听