Vistra Puts Smart Meter Data to Work to Assist Texas Customers in Prepping for Summer

With summer on the horizon, Vistra and its family of retail electricity brands are adding another tool to their suite of value-added products and services by treating eligible Texas customers to a free professional A/C tune-up and cleaning.

By utilizing smart meter data to identify poorly operating A/C units, Vistra is providing customers with a custom estimate of potential energy savings from a tune-up and repair. Customers are then connected with a trusted partner to help them prepare their air conditioners for the summer heat and avoid high bills or ill-timed breakdowns. Customers can save up to 30% on summer cooling costs with a properly functioning A/C system.

鈥淏y turning analyzed smart meter data into proactive, convenient care for our customers, Vistra is adding to an already strong record of innovation in the world of retail electricity,鈥 said Scott Hudson, president of Vistra Retail. 鈥淣ot only does this outreach initiative increase the efficiency of individual A/C units, lowering home energy usage for our customers, it also helps reduce strain on the Texas grid during peak times of intense summer heat.鈥

Vistra has partnered with Grid4C, a leader in artificial intelligence-powered solutions, to help identify customers who can benefit from this program. Grid4C specializes in algorithms that analyze smart meter reads to provide grid-side and customer-facing insights, such as appliance fault and inefficiencies prediction, detection and diagnostics, anomaly detection, appliance load disaggregations, and load forecasting.